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Our lab celebrates curiosity, encourages collaboration, and cultivates both intellectual playfulness and rigor. And we work to create an environment that is inclusive and anti-racist. More info here. 


Prof. Tyler Marghetis

I'm an Assistant Professor of Cognitive & Information Sciences at the University of California, Merced

I am also an Omidyar Complexity Fellow at the Santa Fe Institute.

After completing my PhD in cognitive science at the University of California, San Diego (with Rafael Núñez), I did postdoctoral research at Indiana University, Bloomington, mentored by Robert Goldstone and David Landy.

Before I found my calling as a scientist, I lived in Canada,
where I was a child detective, a professional magician, 
and a national team wrestler and alternate for the 2008 Olympics.


(This image illustrates how, in sport as in science,
using your head can save the day.)

When I'm not tracing the limits of human imagination,
you'll find me biking around town, 

cooking feasts for chosen family,
and working toward a more just society.
(Though perhaps not all at once.)


Postdoctoral Fellows

Graduate Students

Research Assistants

Sandra Chacon is a fifth-year student from the city of Stockton pursuing her Bachelors of Science in Bioengineering. At UC Merced, she's served as a Resident and Housing Association Representative and a public relations officer for the Biomedical Engineering Society. In the Marghetis Lab, she is a research assistant with the Abstract Thought & Language Across Space (ATLAS) project, where she is helping build a public database of research on global diversity in language and thought. Academically, Chacon is interested in furthering her knowledge on bioinformatics and eventually becoming a data analyst. In her spare time she enjoys listening to jazz music or playing her violin.

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